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It all started in 2003, three friends wanted to realize their dream of running their own business ...


We had just graduated from high school, played with the band and dreamed of our own music studio. An enormous room out on Kvarnholmen would be the start of something special. Bruno who was a carpenter taught us the basics and pretty soon after that our studio was ready. Then we had another 870sqm to continue to practice on, here we tore like animals and did very stupid things that you as an inexperienced builder can do. To cut the radar for the Coast Guard, make a facade change without a building permit and cause flooding in the Royal Theatre's storeroom just to name a few. But we followed our dream and laid the foundation for 12 years of music revolution. Over the years, we have followed artists such as Opeth, Entombed, Daniel Adams Ray, Rednex, Dio, Jenny Willson, Maia Hirasawa, Sandro Cavazza and all of you over 1500 bands that played on our premises. Today we hopefully have a little more routine, and we continue our dream thanks to you.


Many thanks!

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