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For those of you who want the same time each week and put the price into focus. We sign contracts on the time you want and you have it until you choose to cancel it. You pay monthly via invoice in advance.


Look in our schedule for available times, anything that is not marked in red can be booked as contract time.


For those of you who want to be able to play a little more irregularly. You book your own times via ours booking system max two weeks in advance. If you play a lot, we have 2 different discount cards to choose from that give a 15-20% discount. You pay directly in the booking system by card or Swish. If you want to pay by invoice, just email us an order, then it can take up to a working day before your buffer is updated. Here you will find our price list.


It is free and easy to become a customer. You create an account yourself and can then book after that.

It is unmanned and you receive codes when booking so you can enter on your own. Super simple!

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